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Maternity clothes

Maternity clothes: Staying stylish and comfortable while pregnant

You’re pregnant! Firstly, a huge congratulations and secondly, it’s time to treat yourself by investing in some new items for your wardrobe. You deserve it, right?

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but weight gain, fluid retention, bloating and swelling can make shopping and knowing what to wear a bit of a minefield. During pregnancy it often isn’t just your tummy that grows; you’re whole body can change. Skinny jeans and fitted slip dresses soon become a thing of the past – being replaced with a comfortable pair of leggings and an oversized jumper in most cases. 

Rather than splurging on 20 new items you’ll never wear again post pregnancy, it’s best to invest in carefully selected maternity clothing and incorporate them into your existing wardrobe.

  1. Buy clothes that make you feel ‘like you’
    Just because your body is changing doesn’t mean you need to totally reinvent your sense of style. Keeping your identity via the way you dress is a worthy investment while you’re carrying your precious bundle.
  2. Buy your size
    This sounds simple but lots of women opt for maternity clothes that are a size or two bigger thinking they’ll need the extra room. By doing this you’ll likely end up with clothes that are too big and don’t flatter your bump. Sticking to your regular size is best – you’ll thank us later!
  3. Shop for investment pieces that will last beyond pregnancy
    While maternity-specific pyjamas and nursing tops might be a necessity, you don’t need to invest in an entire new wardrobe of maternity items. Instead, why not invest in some oversized blazers and floaty midi and maxi dresses that you’d definitely still enjoy wearing after baby arrives.
  4. Treat yourself to some new basics
    It’s well worth stocking up on some trusty basics such as stretchy vest tops, comfy leggings and sweats and oversized t-shirts and jumpers. Ideally, you want some new items that will see you right through your pregnancy journey and into the early days post baby’s arrival.

    When buying tops, consider length and look out for ruching or gathers on the side that will accommodate your growing bump. It’s also worth considering tops and dresses that have easy nursing access, whether that be nursing specific tops or items that have buttons down the front or straps that can be easily pulled down. Whilst, on the bottom half, an adjustable or elastic waistband will become a lifesaver. 
  5. Shop for all seasons
    During your nine months of pregnancy you’re likely to go through a few seasons and some vast changes in temperatures. Shopping during end-of-season sales is a good way of stocking up on items that will keep you and bump warm during the colder months and items that will keep you cool during those warmer days. Whilst it might seem strange planning your maternity wardrobe ahead of time, it can be a great time and money saver.
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